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Ever wonder how the winners are picked at the Academy Awards (tm)?  Is it based on the nominated film, or a lifetime of work?  Is it who you know?  Is it bribery?  Is it random chance?  Here at MaskedReviewer.com, we take the guess work out of who will win the Oscars (tm).  This is done as a community service for those of you who like to gamble on who will win.

The Masked Reviewer will post his own predictions here, but for those of you who want a sure-fire method of picking the winners, BEHOLD -- the Osca-Matic.  Haven't seen all the nominated movies?  No worries!  Using the POWER OF TECHNOLOGY, each of the categories has selected a RANDOM WINNER.  But, for those statisticians in the crowd, you may be saying "What about the margin of error?"  Fear not.  For in the blink of an eye, your computer will calculate the winner on ONE THOUSAND simulations of the Academy Awards (tm), thereby completely eliminating any possibility of error at all.

You may notice that for each nominee, a number of votes is given.  To find out who the winner was, simply look for the person with the most votes in each category.  At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the which films won the most awards...keep in mind that those are totals for ONE THOUSAND SIMULATIONS. 

The Osca-Matic is the Masked Reviewer's totally dependable, 100% accurate* Oscar(tm) prediction system.

For your own personalized picker, go to Osca-Matic, or check out last year's Osca-Matic, or even last year's Oscar(tm) Picks.

For a new set of picks, hit "refresh" on your browser.

* Actual results may vary, Osca-Matic and the Masked Reviewer assume no physical, fiscal, emotional, mental, or ethical responsibility for lost wagers (or lost face) due to use of the Osca-Matic.  Use it at your own risk.  Osca-Matic is not dependable or 100% accurate.

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