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Why wait until a movie is completed to get the review?  Heck, why even wait until they've started shooting?  Because the Masked Reviewer is on the cutting edge of reviewerdom, he offers to you, loyal reader, the Crystal Ball review.  These are based on no insider knowledge whatsoever, just the Masked Reviewer's uncanny knowledge of the art of film.  But beware!  This section has predictions about plot and The Masked Reviewer can not be held accountable if his best guesses are spot-on.  That's more than John Edward can say.

Because precognitive reviews can be affected by unstable shifts in the ether and other psychokinetic events, the Masked Reviewer makes no warranty about the accuracy of the Crystal Ball reviews.  The Masked Reviewer does pledge, however,  to view each film before writing his actual "having seen it" review. 

WARNING: This section could contain spoilers about plot and/or quality of the film, if I'm lucky.

bulletTeam America
bulletKill Bill Volume 2
bulletThe Hulk
bulletMatrix Revolutions
bulletRocky  VI


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