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"...with Cher, Meryl Streep, and the birth-defective twins, perhaps the original title of the film was Silkwood 2."



Stuck on You
The Masked Reviewer

The Farrelly Brothers have made fun of fat people (Shallow Hal), dumb people (Dumb and Dumber), one-handed people (Kingpin), stalkers (There's Something About Mary), germs (Osmosis Jones), and split-personality people (Me, Myself, and Irene).  What's left, you may ask?  Why, conjoined twins, of course! 

Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon play Siamese twins.  That may be giving away too much already, because you see...that's the movie.  In fact, even if you haven't seen the trailers, you could probably write a lot of this film yourself.  Just imagine all the things that would be funny as a conjoined twin, and it's almost certainly in Stuck on You.  Of course, it probably wouldn't be as funny if you actually were a conjoined twin, but that's okay...the Farrelly Brothers are just out to have a good time.

The Masked Reviewer is all for having a good time, especially at the expense of other people, but occasionally it feels like the Farrelly Brothers aren't as concerned with 'laughing with people' as they are at 'laughing at people and then trying to pretend they're all laughing together, thereby making it okay'.  This was the case with Shallow Hal, which was simply a lot of fat jokes strung together.  It seemed like the message of the movie was "Don't judge people by how they look," which kind of felt dirty and cheezy after making fun of how fat Gwyneth Paltrow's character was.  "But it's okay, because fat people are good too."

There's a similar uncomfortable moment in Stuck on You.  One character, Rocket, is played by a mentally handicapped guy (or 'retard').  They make fun of him, kind of, then stick up for him, sort of.  "He's our friend, so it's okay if we make fun of him, because he's our friend, so it's okay, because we're not making fun of him, we're making fun of how other people make fun of him, and you might think that in the process we too are making fun of him, but we're not, because he's our friend, and it's okay."  Somehow, that seems more offensive than just outright making fun of him.  The very end of the film, during the credits, features a long speech by Rocket, sincerely thanking everyone for the opportunity.  But, it just seems to draw more attention to the fact that the Farrelly Brothers make fun of people.

It's okay if they do.  They can be funny.  But the effort to make it "okay" just seems lame. 

Anyway, Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon play conjoined twins.  They don't really address the fact that they look nothing alike.  Maybe they're fraternal conjoined twins?  Do those even exist?  Maybe one had plastic surgery?

Unlike other Farrelly Brothers flicks, this one doesn't feature any big-name, over-the-top comedic actors.  No Jack Black, no Jim Carey, no Ben Stiller.  As a result, Kinnear and Damon give kinder, gentler, less goofy performances.  However, it's a bit out of place in such a nut-job movie.  They are both charming, though, and they have a certainly level of dignity that the Masked Reviewer found refreshing in this kind of movie.

There are good (albeit brief) supporting performances by both Cher and Meryl Streep.  The Masked Reviewer can't help but wonder why these actresses would be doing this kind of movie, but they seemed to have fun and were happy to poke fun at themselves.  The Masked Reviewer also can't help but to think that with Cher, Meryl Streep, and the birth-defective twins, perhaps the original title of the film was Silkwood 2.

Eva Mendes and some woman the Masked Reviewer never heard of play the two love interests in the film.  They're fine.  But really, it's more about those wacky situations that two guys joined together at the waist get themselves into.  The Masked Reviewer won't ruin the site gags, because that's what the film is all about, and if you see it, you'll want to be surprised. 

It's not as good as many of their other films, but it does have a few good laughs.  They tried to put in a bit too much touchy-feely emotional stuff, which feels out of place.  The film does feature the best fight scene featuring conjoined twins this year. 

The difference in the acting ability of the two leads is staggering.  Why would someone cast such a brilliant actor and conjoin him to a no-talent hack?  Just in case one of those two actors decides to do an interview with the Masked Reviewer, he will not reveal which one is the hack and which one is the great actor.  Really, it could go either way.

The end of the film features a long musical number with singing by Greg Kinnear.  It's too long and isn't the best way to end a film that tends to drag in parts anyway.

All in all, it's not nearly as funny as it could've been, it's certainly low-brow even for the Farrelly Brothers, and you will probably see a lot of the jokes and plot points coming from a mile away.  It has a few moments and some good site gags, but it could've been better.


The Farrelly Brothers' movies


Expectation from the Title: During his kindergarten final exam, Little Johnny is doing well on his alphabet, until he the next letter V, or W?  Sweat forms on his brow, as he realizes that this is the moment that could change his life...forever.

Mother's Rule (Always Say Something Good About Everything):  The twins are very nice to each other.

The Pros: A few good site gags, good humouredness by Cher and  Meryl Streep.

The Cons: Predictable, goofy, but not as funny as other Farrelly Brothers movies.


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