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"...the Masked Reviewer never saw all of the first Deuce movie, and maybe viewers need the context to get the full comedic effect."










Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
The Masked Reviewer

The most interesting thing to discuss about Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo would have to be the director.  The film was directed by Mike Bigelow.  Who is that?  It's hard to find any information on him.  One can't help but wonder whether this is a pseudonym that Mike Mitchell (who directed the first Deuce movie) might be using, so people don't think less of him.  After all, since the first Deuce, Mike Mitchell has gone on to such projects as Surviving Christmas and Sky High...maybe he doesn't want to tarnish his new "family friendly" image. 

Besides, who's named Bigelow?  It's spelled differently than Deuce spells his name, but it seems too close to be a coincidence.  And, not surprisingly, the Masked Reviewer hasn't seen many interviews with the director of this film.

It is possible, theoretically, that there is a guy named Mike Bigelow, who was always teased because his name rhymed with gigolo, and after he saw the first Deuce Bigalow movie, decided it was his life's ambition to direct the sequel.  But it doesn't seem likely, now does it?

More importantly, couldn't they have come up with a more clever name?  At least it's clear where the movie is set...but maybe they could have called it Deuce part Deux: An American Gigolo in Europe.  But, then, people might be disappointed if the film didn't live up to any cleverness that was exhibited in the title.

And disappointed you might be too, especially if you go to this movie.  Now, perhaps the Masked Reviewer didn't give this film a fair chance.  After all, the Masked Reviewer never saw all of the first Deuce movie, and maybe viewers need the context to get the full comedic effect.  However, it's hard to imagine that seeing the first Deuce would make this any more appealing.

Rob Schneider and Eddie Griffin are re-united for the continuation of the Deuce saga.  Both actors seem better than this.  They both seem to have their appeals and charms, but the material is sophomoric and predictable.  Hey, the Masked Reviewer can appreciate good sophomoric humor...but the emphasis is on good.  This wasn't good.  This was bad.  It seemed to be doing the same jokes from the first film, different setting.

Essentially, if you think people referring to genitals in a variety of not-too-clever variations of "man-gina", then you'll have a ball (so to speak).  If can't stop giggling at the thought of people mentioning fictional kinky sex acts (but not describing what they are, like a "filthy Rodriguez") then this will be a hoot for you.  But other than that, there's nothing much to recommend.  Most of the jokes are pathetically predictable (even if you haven't seen the trailer), and the majority of the laughs are from site gags, with freakish women that Deuce dates or pseudo-homo-erotic misunderstandings with Eddie Griffin. 

Rob Schneider himself doesn't do very much in the film.  He basically reacts to what's going on, for the most part.  He'll react and look horrified once in a while. 

There is a fart joke.  But you knew there would be, right?

Maybe for the third part of the trilogy, they'll bring in more actors and set it on a Bahama beach and call it Deuce Bigalow: Gigolo at the Bungalow, with Jeaneane Garofolo and Mark Ruffalo. 

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo was, at least, a funny groundwork for a comedy -- but this film didn't add anything to the mix.  The best things going for it are 1) it's relatively short (77 minutes or so) and 2) there's brief nudity.  There are better ways to spend your time and money.  It's low on giggles.


Expectation from the Title: Hopefully, this is about fly fishing in Alaska and has nothing to do with that lowbrow male prostitute comedy.

Mother's Rule (Always Say Something Good About Everything):  The characters in the movie look out for each other, and that's always nice to see.

The Pros: It's short and there's a little bit of nudity.

The Cons: Pointless, not nearly funny enough, same joke as the first movie but overdone.

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