House of 1000 Corpses
The Masked Reviewer

Hmm.  Very strange.  The Masked Reviewer watched this DVD and, for some reason, forgot to review it.  So, this may be a bit of an odd review, since the movie isn't fresh in the Masked Reviewer's mind. 

But, there are many memorable moments in the film.  It's stylish.  It's creepy.  It's not terribly scary (it's got some gore, but it's not filled with cat-scares

The film was stuck in development heck for a long, long time.  A hell of a long time.  And it has both pleased and disgusted many eager fans.  Most, however, were pleased.  It's a tribute to old-school horror films.  Rob Zombie, the film's creator, brings an unusual perspective to the film, which works very well.

There are a lot of laughs and it's visually impressive.  It suffers from a few annoying style choices, such as switching to grainy black and white video a bit too often.  It doesn't really have much of a plot to speak of, and the characters aren't well developed -- except for the character of Captain Spaulding, who is memorable and brilliant.  You won't mind the shortcomings, though, because it's a fun film, and the love the filmmaker had for the project is contagious, like a good foot fungus.


DVD Extra Features: Many.  The DVD has the funniest menu mode ever.  Just leave it on for a while, and listen to Captain Spaulding harass you.  There are some funny outtakes and jokes told by the cast, too.

Expectation from the Title: After the Three Little Pigs ran out of straw, wood, and bricks, they decided to get medieval on the Wolf's ass, so they went on a 5 state killing spree, using the bodies of their piggy victims to build a chateau in the countryside.  Blow THIS down.

Mother's Rule (Always Say Something Good About Everything):  Technicolor sure does make films more fun to watch than black and white, doesn't it?

The Pros: Great performance by Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding), and cool style with Rob Zombie music.

The Cons: Nothing new, but it is an homage, so that's okay.  Not great in the plot or character department.  There don't actually seem to be 1000 corpses, maybe a few hundred tops.


Copyright 2003, Michael D. Lynn