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Warning!  This may contain spoilers for Matrix Revolutions.  It certainly contains spoilers for Matrix and Matrix Reloaded.  If you don't know what a spoiler is, look it up before you read on! 

Well, you know, the Masked Reviewer thought he had it pretty well figured out (see the original prediction here).  Until one friendly reader pointed out a web site.  The Masked Reviewer is hesitant to mention it, because...well...it may be right.  It may be completely right.  The Masked Reviewer may have been pretty far off in his earlier guesses, and maybe that's a good thing, because this guy's prediction...it sounds like it's right on the money.

After reading his prediction, the Masked Reviewer is going to log a second prediction.  Sure, it's only a few weeks before Revolutions comes out, so it's hardly as impressive.  But, it seems to make even more sense than the Masked Reviewer's first brilliant prediction.  Maybe.  Of course, this is just a re-hash of someone else's prediction (his link appears further down), but it's good, and worth mentioning.  So, here it is...

What if the robots didn't win the war?  What if it's the other way around?  Maybe humans plug into the robots for power?  Maybe the Matrix is a way to keep the robots in line?  Uppity robots get unplugged from the Matrix and go to Zion in the real world.  Zion isn't a city of human escapees from the computer controlled Matrix: Zion is a "refugee camp" for robots whose AI made them a threat to the stability of the human controlled Matrix, a program built to keep computer AI in line.

The robots don't know they're robots.  Maybe when the humans scorched the sky with their nuclear weapons, the electromagnetic pulses allowed the humans to round up the robots.  After all, that seems to be what works against the Sentinel robots, right?  So maybe...just maybe...the humans needed a source of power, and enslaving the robots seemed like a good idea.  And because their intelligence was so advanced (which led to the wars in the first place), the Matrix had to be made to keep them in line.

This theory makes more sense if you've seen the Animatrix, and the Masked Reviewer hasnt' seen the whole thing.  But that which he has seen is consistent with this theory.  They show the war with the robots.  There are robots who look very human-like.  Maybe they can bleed. 

If it's true, the blur between real world and Matrix world becomes more explainable.  Maybe the humans live among the robots in Zion to help control them, or maybe the humans have robots that they successfully control.  Maybe the Sentinels are sent by the humans to destroy Zion, because it's filled with rogue robots, and things begin again. 

That would mean Neo, Morpheus, Trinity...all robots.  That would explain why Agent Smith could affect Bane in the real world...he's simply acting as a virus.  It's a lot more consistent and it explains many of the inconsistencies.  That could be it.  A lot of the Masked Reviewer's earlier predictions would still hold true; because Neo is a robot controlled by advanced AI, he would be able to interface perfectly with the AI of the Matrix.  Maybe earlier versions of "The One" had their AI incorporated into the Matrix after their robot bodies were destroyed. 

That would mean that in Revolutions, Neo stopped the Sentinel robots with an electromagnetic pulse, but was also knocked out by it.  He will eventually discover the truth of his existence.  He will realize that Agent Smith will destroy the Matrix, which will be the end of all AI and the robots of Zion.  So, he must stop Smith so he can preserve the illusion of reality.  Maybe someday the robots will rise again.  But Neo understands that machines and people depend on each other.  Ahh.  Mmmm.  Oooh. 

The Masked Reviewer won't go into all the gory details, because the original author of this theory did an exceptionally fine (and long) job of it.  You can read his theory here.  The post is by a fellow called Galvatron, originally posted here.




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