Privacy Information

The Masked Reviewer is all about privacy...otherwise, he wouldn't wear a mask.  So, abides by a strict set of privacy guidelines to protect its users from having their personal information collected and used against them.

First, we collect no personal information.

We use no cookies.

Any demographic information that is recorded automatically by the web server will only be used to identify demographic trends, and no user information will be sold or shared with anyone without prior expressed written consent. 

There are no "clear gifs".

We currently offer no e-mailings or newsletters, but if we do, you will have to sign in.  But, the Masked Reviewer hates spam more than most people, so don't worry about that.

Any ads appearing on this site may be provided by a third party.  Information about users' visits to this site, such as the number of times they have viewed an ad (but not user name, address, or other personal information) may be used.  For more information...wait until we have advertisers lined up.

Surveys and contests will always contain explicit information about how any information you give is to be used.  If we ask for an e-mail solely for notification purposes, that's all it will be used for.  If we don't explicitly mention what we'll do with your contact information, it won't be given to anyone.

Your privacy is important to the Masked Reviewer.  Any concerns can be sent to the Feedback page.  He's not leaving his private information here.

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